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My new old shed... E30-M3

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    Re: My new old shed... E30-M3

    What no doubling up on the injectors then Tom??
    I like the idea, would be cool and look awesome. However I'm not sure it's needed on this one... It's only a 2.3 and it makes 275bhp at 7800rpm and 265nm torque at 6750rpm . Once it loosens up and we stretch the rev limit a bit I think we can get it close to 300bhp. Also there is a lot you can do differently mapping these cars now vs what you could back in 1990 - even the air boxes wouldn't look like the above if you did it today. Speaking with the guy mapping the engine he reckons we should fabricate a custom airbox and play around with different length intake on each cylinder to optimise area under the torque curve.