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August 5th - Mike & Ben do Oulton Again

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  • August 5th - Mike & Ben do Oulton Again

    Well, a successful day out for the E36 up at Oulton yesterday. We still had a few overheating niggles towards the end of the day, but we got plenty of laps in. Still a few bits and bobs to sort out but we're getting there.

    It was raining when we arrived and because our second set of rims hasn't arrived yet, we had to go out on slicks to do the installation laps. Although it had been raining for a while, there wasn't that much standing water on the circuit, and the slicks were surprisingly OK to drive on. We couldn't push obviously but it wasn't as bad as you would imagine. There were a fair few offs (not us) - an E30 M3 went off on the installation lap and enough people left the circuit for the organisers to give everyone a talking to.

    We went out a few times but by 11am it looked the rain was in for the day. Unfortunately the tyre guy who was supposed to be at the circuit had cried off, so we had to nip out to nearby Winsford to get our wets fitted. 30 minutes and 10 later (nice one Kwik Fit) we had our wets on.....and they were simply awesome. You could push as hard on them in the wet, as the slicks in the dry (well 90%) - I had a bit of a wobble turning into the chicane after Shell Oils, and Mike briefly locked up going into Lodge, but other than that we were fine.

    For some reason, later on in the afternoon, our old overheating problems came back but by then it was 4pm anyway. Everything else seemed in good order so we were pretty happy.

    Here's some snaps from the day, and a video of a couple of laps. We are very quick through the corners and we gain a lot of time under braking. Unfortunately if people move out of the way for us though, we lack at bit of power to pass (RS4 on the first lap). Once past we're away though.