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e46 Compact template drawing

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  • e46 Compact template drawing

    Just to help you sort out your own designs, or decal placement etc. This is a graphic of the BMW e46 Compact elevations format. Handy if you have sponsors who want to play around with ideas etc, and for placing championship decals with graphic software.

    Create multiple prints onto A4 in landscape orientation and thats it, away you go. Alternately open the file in software like paint shop pro or photoshop and add detail that way then print etc.
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    As this year they will be running under the kumho championship (as I understand it) do they need to run with the std stickers from that championship?


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      Do I need to join the Bmwrdc to race with this compact cup?


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        Co-ordinator should be able to help you soon as the Autosport show is done.


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          Co-ordinators name is Neil, you can also call him on 0208 449 8999 or 07767688233 he is at the Autosport show at present so if you are going there give his mobile a ring and let him take u for coffee.