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Racing a 120d in dubai

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  • Racing a 120d in dubai

    Just spent an amazing 40 hours doing the Dubai 24 with a local team SVDP racing which is entirely made up of amateur spanner men and club drivers, and we were the only amateur team on the grid and beat 4 professional teams to take the class win in with the BMW 120d, and we even got a mention on pistonheads.
    Practice was limited to a few laps to find the turbo went so replaced that, then a few laps till the engine failed. Which resulted in a 1:45 drive in drive out engine swap which was enough to get the drivers the minimum 2 timed laps each. We on the last row (77th) and after remapping the engine for reliability with cardboard and gaffer tape, dealing with the upís and down of endurance racing we finished 37th and chased down, passed, got passed, passed again a car which was 10 secs a lap quicker to get the lead.
    So here are a few pics
    Engine swap

    What the pit looks like at midnight before the race

    Car prep done 2:00 the morning before the race

    Pitstop during the day

    Night Stop


    The team after the race

    And a video of the first lap

    A few more High res pics
    And more pictures from the event